We Install:


  • Carpet Tile
  • Broad Loom Carpet
  • VCT
  • Sheet Vinyl
  • Linoleum
  • Static Dissipative Flooring






  • Tile Laminate
  • Wood Laminate
  • Ceramic Tile*
  • Hardwood*
  • Stone*


*Sub-tier contracted services



Flooring Installation

Resource Maintenance and Flooring treats each customer as our most important customer;  before your project has even begun, we take the guesswork out of estimating the quantity of flooring you’ll need.  Using an advanced estimation technology, Callidus™, allows us to automate the estimation process improving accuracy and turnaround time, while minimizing material waste. Direct customer communication and an audit trail of work performed help us keep your job on time and on budget.  We work with you on LEED™ Certified projects and have a program in place to keep carpet out of the landfill.



Upgrade Your Property with Our Flooring Installation Services

Recreate any room with our complete flooring installation services. We specialize in the removal and installation of all types of commercial flooring.   Whether you are building a new facility, updating your commercial building or transforming your retail space, Resource Maintenance and Flooring provides you with the flooring installation services you need.   We provide you a thorough and complete estimate based on all aspects of a complete install, from demolition of existing surface, to prep work, materials, colors, and any other options that need to be applied.   Our Renovisions® furniture lift system facilitates non-disruptive carpet installation for occupied office environments.


We maintain:



  • All Types of Carpet
  • All Types of Hard Surface Flooring
  • Dedicated on-going Maintenance Programs
  • Upholstered Furniture
  • System Furniture

Flooring Maintenance


Facilities spend millions of dollars on interior design concepts, including floorcoverings, as part of their overall image. Poorly maintained floorcoverings can adversely affect a facility's image, waste thousands of dollars in misdirected cleaning costs, reduce product performance and accelerate the need for replacement. We understand the need to maintain and extend the life of your investment and offer comprehensive maintenance programs for commercial floorcoverings. We use an advanced estimation technology, Callidus™, to automate the estimation process improving the accuracy of our pricing by using exact measurements from plans you provide. We provide detailed color-coded charts of our work performed to keep your job on time and on plan.



A Healthy Environment


Indoor air quality problems cost North America more than $100 billion each year in health care, absenteeism, lost production time and lost revenue. Microorganisms have been identified as a major cause of common indoor air quality problems. Regular maintenance of your floorcovering can reduce the amount of particulate and microorganisms, preventing exposure and thus, vastly improving working conditions.



Preventative Flooring Maintenance


Maintaining your floorcovering's appearance means more than choosing the right cleaning method. Choosing the right products up front weighs heavily on the overall performance of your floorcovering. We work with you in choosing the best maintenance program plan based on your facility’s needs. We assess your facilities layout, traffic patterns and hours of operation and then develop recommendations for long term preventative care and appearance retention.



Identifying Your Specific Surface Maintenance Needs


Just as various areas of your office are subject to different uses, each demands a different level of maintenance and care. We will identify your overall facility needs and provide you with color-coded plans based on those needs


Flooring Demolition Service


Resource Maintenance and Flooring has the specialized equipment and the know-how to take care of all your floor covering and surface coating removal needs. Whether were installing your new flooring or not, we have the capabilities to remove your existing flooring in an efficient manner  in a fraction of the time including some of the toughest coatings from your manufacturing, industrial, commercial or retail floor- saving our customers valuable project time and money.









We Remove:


  • All types of Carpet
  • All types of Vinyl Composition Tile
  • All types of Sheet Vinyl
  • All types of Ceramic Tile
  • Expoxy and Floor Adhesives
  • Thin Set and Motar Base



Concrete Services

Concrete Polishing is without a doubt the most exciting flooring innovation in recent years. Resource Maintenance and Flooring’s concrete service team will provide you with an estimate of services which is both economical and ecological. We can rehabilitate existing concrete floors and can enhance new concrete floors through a mechanical, dust free, dry, diamond grinding and polishing system. Polished concrete can transform your floor from an old dusty gray to a highly desirable natural stone floor. It will be a beautiful, functional and low maintenance surface. With little or no down time for your business, your concrete floor is mechanically prepared, chemically sealed and hardened, then polished to a brilliant surface finish.


The possibilities are endless! These floors are suitable for heavy industrial areas because of the hard wearing capabilities of concrete. They are similarly suited to hotels, bars and offices because of the natural stone finish. A colored, polished concrete floor is great for: showrooms, restaurants, retail stores, service areas, garages, airports, grocery stores, hospitals, civic centers, sports arenas, lobbies, gyms, schools, exposition halls, manufacturing, warehouses, public buildings and much more.



We Offer:


  • Diamond Grinding and Polishing
  • Surface Crack and Seam Fill
  • Full Surface Sealing and Finishing
  • Full Surface Dye and Color
  • Full Service or Demo Only Surface Preparation of Concrete Surfaces

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